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Magdalena Jasiak is a visual artist, specializing in installation, video, and sound. Magdalena’s long-lasting interest in arts began in her teenage years where she had an opportunity to develop her appreciation of art under the supervision of local artists. Her first exhibition was at the age of 16 during which she was showing her very early paintings.  
As her deep-held memories of the past continuously inspire her work, Magdalena’s projects often act as a self-therapy tool that allows her to deal with ensuing difficulties. She often uses family memorabilia or objects belonging to her relatives and friends in her works.
Magdalena exhibits her works in various galleries around the West Midlands. One of her videos has been used in theatre performances. She was also shown in Tsukiyo to Syonen gallery in Japan and also in Rome.
Born in Poland, moved to Birmingham in 2004 where she is now based. Having lived in both countries, she is energetically popularizing the West Midlands art scene by merging the two cultures through numerous works as a freelance assistant curator and exhibition coordinator. Simultaneously assisting the art program at the Polish Art Gallery Centrala and actively supporting an independent art gallery called RoomArt in their various events, Magdalena promotes intercultural exchange on the local level. She is also the associate producer in project space and artist-led studio Failbetter.
She holds a BA in Fine Art from Birmingham City University, UK.

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